In Conversation

Episode 1 - Is there life out there?

Do you ever find yourself asking questions such as “Why are we here?”, “Is there more to life than this?” or even “Who wrote the bible and can we trust it?” If we can find the answers to these and other questions we would have the potential to unlock and enrich our lives.

Below is the first episode of 'In Conversation' where we join our host, Pete Ingham and speak to four Harrogate christian leaders, asking them the questions that we are all interested in. We have Phil Carman – Vicar of St Andrews Church in Starbeck, David Bolton – Pastor of Mowbray Community Church, Sam Corderoy - leader of the HUB outreach in Harrogate and Ben Askew - who is the Vicar of Kairos church in Harrogate.

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