About Us

Membership of Churches Together in Harrogate:

  • Churches Together in Harrogate shall consist of representatives from each local church who are members and or in association with Churches Together in Britain and Ireland to promote the objects and share the work of Churches Together In Harrogate.

The vision of Churches Together in Harrogate:

  • Member Churches and their associates witness to Christians working towards unity in ways which are appropriate in our town and region
  • We aim to show awareness of a local sense of place which transcends denominational boundaries and respects complexity, diversity and difference
  • We affirm our responsibility to listen closely and respond to the shared needs and aspirations of the Churches
  • We have a concern that human relationships of all kinds should flourish and the vision of the Kingdom of God come on earth is a gift every generation needs to perceive
  • We witness together in discovering the traditions and customs of Churches other than our own
  • We are committed to a sense of vocation to action and witness in social and political relationships as well as within our own membership and structures.

The constitution of Churches Together in Harrogate:

  • If you are interested in reading our full constitution then please click here
  • If you are interested in reading about our Theology please click here