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Churches Together in Harrogate unites in pilgrimage all churches and those in association within the Town who acknowledge God's revelation in Jesus Christ, confess the Lord Jesus Christ as God and Saviour according to the scriptures and commit themselves to one another to the Glory of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

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Ecumenical Lent courses

The Poet’s Gospel.


A Lent study for these unorthodox and strange times.

Bob Fyffe, General Secretary of CTBI, comments:

This year’s Lent programme is somewhat different from previous years. It is the outcome of a partnership which is rooted in fulfilling an elderly gentleman’s dream.

John Alan Davis visited his wife every day as she lived with dementia. As Alan explains “during this period, and after Pat died in 2014, I turned to the only place of comfort I knew: my faith. The task brought the life of Jesus and the relevance of his message closer to me. It became, as much as anything else, a way of staunching the wound of a personal tragedy.”

It is here that we can recognise the relevance of a Lent program. This gospel version, written in verse, is the outcome of a deep engagement with God in Christ. To listen to the sound files of this gospel being read out loud is to be taken onto a journey with someone who has clearly walked and experienced all of life’s contours. When I first heard Alan reciting his Poets Gospel I was immediately moved and realised that this journey could bring some healing to so many other people.

CTBI has partnered with Alan and his family to produce The Poets Gospel, and is making the sound files available along with a hardcopy book and an e-book in order to engage with this journey.

We have also produced a Poet’s Gospel introduction for chosen sections which will be of help either for personal study or for small group interaction. Each week can be read as a stand-alone unit whilst listening to the sound file as an introduction or, if you prefer, on a personal basis to read through the whole publication and listen to the sound files. This alone will make a fascinating Lenten pilgrimage.

Caring for Creation


NEW FOR LENT 2021 – suitable for virtual and live groups

An informative course… Caring for Creation digs deeper into issues, and is particularly good at calling out misplaced Christian attitudes” (Church Times review Jan 2021)

Ideal for Lent (or any time of year). Comprises course booklet, audio and transcript. Written by Brian Davis

The human race is facing its greatest challenge: the threat to the environment and climate change. Faith in our Creator God should enable us to see what is actually happening.

Leeds Diocesan Environment Book Club 

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If you have an enquiry or you require assistance then please contact your local church or the Harrogate Hub for further assistance. All contact details can be found on our 'Church Listings' page.

In Conversation

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Latest News

During the Coronavirus restrictions St Peter

During the Coronavirus restrictions St Peter's Church in the town centre continues to offer food

Monday - Saturday at St Peter's

8.20-8.45am Takeaway Breakfast

4.00-5.00pm Takeaway Hot Food, Tins (and whatever else we have to give away).

Sundays at St Peter's

1.00-1.30pm Takeway Hot Food

If you have food or tins to donate, please deliver to the West door (opposite Santander) at one of the times above. Thank you for all your support.

Harrogate District Foodbank

Harrogate District Foodbank

Supporting people in need:

Supporting Older People: Free Meals and Waitrose Bags

Supporting Older People: Free Meals and Waitrose Bags

We are currently working with a fantastic chef called Paul who runs Pablo's Kitchen from his home creating delicious meals which are then frozen and delivered to your door - we usually send 4 per person. 

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