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Churches Together in Harrogate unites in pilgrimage all churches and those in association within the Town who acknowledge God's revelation in Jesus Christ, confess the Lord Jesus Christ as God and Saviour according to the scriptures and commit themselves to one another to the Glory of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Welcome to our website where you can learn more about who we are and what we do.

AGM 2021

Churches Together in Harrogate 2021 AGM will be held on Monday 5th July 7.30pm at Christ Church, ' the church on the stray',  Harrogate 

Social distancing will be observed as necessary.  Masks may or may not be required - we await developments nationally on these issues.

Please add to your Parish newsletter/ magazines so that all are informed. Add our webpage link please www.ctharrogate.org.uk 

A new Communications Officer is required. Current Officers would prefer not to stand again as there has been a long period of service to cover the pandemic, and new officers are required to keep this thriving  network alive and operative. 

If you have any items for the agenda, please let the Secretary know at this email address. 

Nomination papers will be available soon.


If you have an enquiry or you require assistance then please contact your local church or the Harrogate Hub for further assistance. All contact details can be found on our 'Church Listings' page.

In Conversation

Brand new to Churches Together in Harrogate. Watch our first episode below:


Latest News

During the Coronavirus restrictions St Peter

During the Coronavirus restrictions St Peter's Church in the town centre continues to offer food

Monday - Saturday at St Peter's

8.20-8.45am Takeaway Breakfast

4.00-5.00pm Takeaway Hot Food, Tins (and whatever else we have to give away).

Sundays at St Peter's

1.00-1.30pm Takeway Hot Food

If you have food or tins to donate, please deliver to the West door (opposite Santander) at one of the times above. Thank you for all your support.

Harrogate District Foodbank

Harrogate District Foodbank

Supporting people in need:

Supporting Older People: Free Meals and Waitrose Bags

Supporting Older People: Free Meals and Waitrose Bags

We are currently working with a fantastic chef called Paul who runs Pablo's Kitchen from his home creating delicious meals which are then frozen and delivered to your door - we usually send 4 per person. 

For more info please click here